Published Papers
  • "Moral Hazard in Active Asset Management" (with Shaun William Davies) Journal of Financial Economics 125 (2017) 311-325. [SSRN] [JFE] [Online Appendix]
  • "Tax Uncertainty and Retirement Savings Diversification" (with Scott Cederburg and Michael O'Doherty) Journal of Financial Economics 126 (2017) 689-712. [SSRN] [JFE] [Online Appendix] [Media Coverage: WSJ ("Smart saving amid changing tax code", February 12, 2018), Financial Advisor Magazine, Bloomberg]
  • "Venture Financing and Inefficient Syndicates" with Shaun Davies (Conditionally Accepted at Review of Financial Studies)
Working Papers
  • "The Effects of ETF Competition on Active Asset Managers" with Shaun Davies and Mathias Kronlund
  • "Equity Crowdfunding: Theory and Evidence" with Shaun Davies and Mingfeng Lin
Non-Refereed Publications
  • "Exclusive Dark Pools." Review of Financial Regulation Studies 10: 5-6 (2012), with Leslie Boni and J. Chris Leach